Thursday, February 26, 2009

The important age child education early

Educate child at begin in age early

Each time enter new school year, parents always dizzy with child’s problem wants whose school. all information is looked for, begin from face to face, or ask to that ever school in place, and other information that can trusted. sometimes parents final hesitate to make decision

For in abundance family usually chooses school considerably selective, if the child stills aged 0 until 6 year busy with child school to play group or bursery school. because age child education the important aware early, by for preparation later when enter elementary school

Is education age child early in indonesia correlating road well? at see from standard to alive denunciateds a day majority day not yet men reach out for all element society, how can we see at capital a child that enjoy his world child child, but exactly they are even hunt with time claws portion by the side of road, don't for school, to eat everyday they are to difficult denunciated.

According to age child total quantity early in indonesia really relative very tall, but such most of them that is not yet served the education. from as much as around 14 million age child 0 up to 3 year obvious new around 3 million or served around 19%. on the other side from around 13 million age child 4 until 6 year obvious new around 4 million or 35% the education is served. still slimmest so quantitatively age child early we are that served the total the education

Follow data unesco, age child education participation number early in indonesia still to belong to low at bations equal correlatings low income at another asia. in indonesia age child education participation early only 22 %. number lower at participation equal paud at thailand 86,5%, vietnam 42,8% and good enough malaysian 89,01%

Society attention undercommunication

Our society stills very less in pay attention the child child development a day day, while age early be a where is child later formed way of thinking strong.
our education quality is low is compared with education quality at bations other in general, on the score of effect [of] the mentioned on, which the factor the slow age child education repair early at our country is beloved, augmenting again government support towards age child education service early still very low.

Age child education early can not be looked at half eye, age early be formed a child in gold time, here child very fast the brain growth

Family so central

Concept base blaze the way age child education early based on family because many parents not yet get to chance to send the childs to age child education early like bursery school and of a kind it.

In this time, age child education early based on family stills care of concept development process. supposed family has ability develops principles educate good child and true. age child education early trusted can spur on long-range education quality enhanced. more and more child that served age child education early, more and more child that has immediacy learns. so, in school age, child ready for achieve larger ones competence, academic or non academic.

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